DNS migration: Prepare records before setting Server names


I’m considering migrating a dns zone from route53 to Cloudflare.
However I already have production records that are handled on rout53 side and I’d like to avoid any downtime.

I configured the domain name on Cloudflare side and the next step is to configure the servernames on our registrar and now the domain status is in “Pending server name update”.
Ideally I would have created records on Cloudflare side before setting the server names on the registrar.

Is it possible and if so could you please tell me how ? It doesn’t seem to be possible through the UI.

Thank you,

When you add a domain Cloudflare will automatically import standard DNS records.

I’d simply go through the list of DNS records on Cloudflare and make sure all the necessary ones are there. Once you verified that, switching nameservers shouldn’t be an issue. Just make sure to disable DNSSEC on your registrar’s side before you switch. You can later enable it again.

Ok thank you @sandro I’ll follow you recommandations.

My pleasure :slight_smile:

If you post the domain, the nameservers you were assigned, and a couple of records you’d expect, then we can check that quickly as well.

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