DNS migration name server safe?

Changing the nameservers for the domain (which is done from the platform, where the domain resides currently) from cloudflare to Siteground. As per if anything needed on Cloudflare, after the nameservers change ? Is it safe ? Do I have to make a backup ? Can I just to the migration of the server on Site ground and dont have to do anything here ? or do i still need to do some actions on cloudflare ?

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Under the condition that you’re only migrating name servers, e.g. changing your DNS provider to another DNS provider:

As long as you make sure that the record(s) are a match on the new place, as it was on the old one, it should be perfectly fine once the name server migration completes.

After you have migrated away from Cloudflare name servers, e.g. changed the name servers at your domain registrar, Cloudflare will no longer be involved in regards to your DNS.

A little while after Cloudflare has detected the name server change, Cloudflare will purge the now obsolete data.

You don’t have to make a backup, however, sometimes it can be a good idea.

Cloudflare does at least allows you to take a backup of the zone file (list of DNS records):

I’m wondering with this one (“migration of the server”) vs. (previously talking about “name server”), that could actually be two different kind of migrations you’re talking about.

However, what would (eventually) be needed on SiteGround’s side, would be something you would need to take up with them.

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