DNS migration issue


We’ve migrated one domain to CF, when NS records for this domain point to:
domain. 86400 IN NS bella.ns.cloudflare.com.
domain. 86400 IN NS dilbert.ns.cloudflare.com.

But in overview I see “Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)”. What could be the problem ?


You probably don’t have the name servers in your WHOIS record updated at your domain registrar.

If that’s still not working for you, please post your domain name.


The website appears to be active, is this still an issue?


I have successfully completed two activations to CF but the third one has been pending for a couple of days. This site is hosted by ipage and I put in the NS changes . . . those check out. Look, I am a CPA and might be in way over my head. I can follow directions step-by-step but I cannot understand/tell what to do if something else is not correct. For example, I have no idea what all the current records are that show up. All I want to do is to hook this to a Kajabi account. Would it normally take more than 24 hours? Oh, yes, it is a free account . . . CPA, remember? Frugal!


The nameservers need to be changed at the registrar rather than at ipage. A whois lookup shows the registrar is still pointing to ipage who then delegates to Cloudflare. The delegation needs to happen at the registrar rather than at the ipage nameservers.

https://whois.icann.org/en can be used to look up what the registrar has in place for you.


Thank you for the reply. Awesome. So is this the registrar?:


WHOIS Server: whois.domain.com
URL: www.domain.com
Registrar: Domain.com, LLC

The thing is, I can go to ipage and change the NS (I’ve already done that) and that is what I did for another site I had with iPage BUT, after buying the domain name at ipage I have NO IDEA what my son did with it . . .

Like I said, I am a dope . . . but I think what you are telling me is that I need to go to domain.com and change the NS there. The only thing is . . . . why does it look like I can also do that on iPage. BTW the current NS are to ipage.

As confused as I am, now I now EXACTLY how my clients feel when I explain why the new tax laws are going to cause them to pay MORE in taxes.

Many thanks -


Update: I did a chat with Domain.com. They confirmed that I need to make the name server changes at ipage, which I have done . . . so, I guess I just need to be more patient for approval? How long should I wait?

Thanks again . .


Hey . . . I got it fixed. The awesome tech support at domain.com did it for me (out of pity, no doubt). I am good to go on cloudflare with this domain.

Thank you for your help . . . you got me to the right person


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