DNS Migration from AWS to GCP

So I’ve been using Cloudflare DNS with following setup:

  1. CNAME pointing to AWS App Load Balancer address (not A record because AWS do not support that)
  2. Custom hostname, currently I’ve providing about 20 custom hostnames for my clients. I’ve setup the DNS CNAME of my customer to fallback origin domain, and fallback domain is also CNAME to AWS Load Balancer.

Everything is works perfectly as I want. But now, I want to migrate from AWS to Google Cloud (GCP). In GCP, they provide static IP Address to access my load balancer. I try to change CNAME DNS record in the CF dashboard but I can not change the type, since the type is “CNAME” but I think I need to change it into “A” record (or maybe I am wrong?)

At the image above, it seems that I can change target but not the type. If I delete the records, it means that fallback origin in custom hostname must be deleted first, so I have to redo everything from the beginning.

How can I change the setup in Cloudflare to make sure everything will not break? My site will run as before, and my customer domain also works as before. Please help.

Thank you.

Rather than trying to change it, you need to delete the CNAME and add the A record.

Additionaly, no other records may exist in the same name space as a CNAME.

But what happen with my fallback domain (custom hostname)? So I have to delete it? What happen when I delete the fallback domain? Will my custom hostnames gone?

“Fallback origin” appears to be related to SSL for SaaS and I am not familiar enough with that product or your architecture and traffic flow to answer your question.

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