DNS migration and proxied entries


I’m looking to migrate dns from Cloudflare to Route53. However some dns entries are using the proxy feature and I would like to keep using cloudflare proxy for those particular entries. Is it possible to achieve this? Is Cloudflare providing an endpoint that I could use as cname on route53? Or another method?

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I’m really new here, but as far as I understand this type of setup is possible but only available with certain plans. It was essentially what I was initially planning to try. The cost of the free plan appears to be that you go all in, though.

That’s correct. Only on Business and Enterprise plans.

Is there a reason you need to use Route53 instead of Cloudflare DNS?

The question may not have been directed at me, but coming here from AWS myself there could be many reasons :slight_smile: Route 53 does integrate really well with other AWS services if you are heavily invested there. As a new Cloudflare user, I would also have appreciated a way to dip my toe into Cloudflare (without it costing $$$ for a personal account).

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It is difficult when you try to dip your toe into two systems where both want to be in charge.

We are currently on enterprise plan. Our team wants to move to route53 for easier management and better integration with AWS.
However I am not sure about how I could achieve it? For example:
I have a CNAME entry:
myproject CNAME myproject.otherdomain.com
This entry is using the proxy feature of cloudflare. How could I move this entry to route53 and still keep using the proxy feature?

I believe it requires Support to do this, but here’s some info:

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