DNS Master Server: Search refused

Hello, I have a domain registered at https://registro.br/. When trying to change the DNS it returns an error: * DNS Master Server: Search refused *

So is my DNS on the cloudflare: http://prntscr.com/s457sd

I’m not able to change the DNS because of this, what may be happening and how to resolve?

I’ve never seen this but did you ask registro.br?

Both resolve correctly

[email protected]:~$ dig -t A art.ns.cloudflare.com +short
[email protected]:~$ dig -t AAAA art.ns.cloudflare.com +short
[email protected]:~$ dig -t A dina.ns.cloudflare.com +short
[email protected]:~$ dig -t AAAA dina.ns.cloudflare.com +short

I transferred the domain from registrobr to godaddy. The domain was functioning normally, but now it has stopped.

I contacted godaddy and they said that the cloudflare server is not authoritative and that is why the server responded with this message.

We were unable to complete changes to your domain.
The modifications you requested in the giolucca.com.br domain failed.

Violation of data management policy

I need an authoritative DNS from Cloudflare, what would it be?

Hi @HitsOnline, so is registrobr still the registrar? They show as such on whois. Is godaddy your host?

Are you trying to configure nameservers to failover or just using a standard change screen like this:

I bought the domain at Registro.br, right after, I transferred the domain to godaddy. Currently godaddy is where I manage my domain.
Yes, the screen I am configuring is the same as this one.

Thank you, I see your tickets and notice they’ve been merged into one ticket as multiple tickets just slow down the support queue for everyone. I’ll keep an eye on progress as I notice the engineer just replied again.

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