DNS Management settings which ones do I update?

hi quick question, couldn’t find answers anywhere in help.

in my DNS Management settings I have 4 Type A entries:

do I need to repoint all of these to the IP address provided by my server?


That picture shows Cloudflare IP addresses, which you should never use in DNS.

You only need one A for your domain, and one A for www. Not two each. And those would have the IP address your host tells you to use for your website.

This is why I’m asking the question.

I didn’t add these, they were there after I added a new Cloudflare account.

So I can’t change one domain and one www to my host IP and delete the other two?

If those weren’t part of the DNS Import process, you’d have to check the Audit Log at the top of dash.cloudflare.com

You can, and that’s what you should do.

Many thanks @sdayman

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