DNS Management problems

Hi there,

This is the first time I’ve noticed this:
When inputting MX records or SRV records, when I input “0” for SRV and start to make a new record, the “0” I’ve entered previously can’t be used again when making the new record (although I intentionally just left it 0 as the last record since I want to put 0). Same happens for MX record. When I inputted “20” as the priority and made a record. As I started to make another record and tried to submit it while leaving the “20” that was previously there un-touched, I had to re-type the 20 to get it to work.

From your description I assume it is the same issue as GSuite MX Records - Cloudflare won't allow two records with the same priority number

But I can if I retype the numbers.

Basically after I enter a record, some of the port numbers are there for SRV/MX and don’t go away like with the destinations/subdomains.

If I decide to keep those numbers and write another record, it won’t let me.

Only if I go in and delete for example “0” and retype “0” back again it works.

Some weird input/frontend issue I believe.

The new DNS UI still seems to be glitchy.

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