DNS Management Problem

I was previously using dynu ns to my domain nepstuff.com.np Then I switched to Cloudflare’s one. Recently I faced a problem while adding a subdomain. My domain name is nepstuff.com.np

I wanted to add subdomain as notes.nepstuff.com.np so what I did was I added notes to CNAME record and targeted it to ghs.google.com then I added this subdomain to new blog of blogger but it denied to add saying that " you didn’t verify your domain" then again I changed the target as : nepstuff.com.np Under CNAME with note but it didn’t work either. Please help me sort out this.!

As I am a new user it didn’t allow me to post two screenshots so I’m posting the next one here.

Try turning the zone to grey cloud :grey:. The orange cloud means Cloudflare proxies all traffic so blogger doesn’t think the subdomain is actually a cname to ghs.google.com, failing the verification.

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