DNS management on my website

I have migrated hosting and have many new settings on Cloudflare DNS. Can you help me fix DNS problems and fix some DNS?

You need to check your SPF records that you set and combine them.

You also need to reduce the amount of DNS lookups in your SPF record to 10 or less. Once you merge your two SPF records into one, you can then examine it with the dmarican SPF Surveyor which will provide you more detail on what each part of the record does.

The websitewelcome.com include statement can never actually be used in that capacity… Its content starts at the maximum number of allowable DNS lookups, this means that when is added as an include statement in another SPF record, it will have one more than the maximum number of allowable DNS lookups.

I would encourage you to trim the contents of the record to include only sources where you will be sending domain email. If you need to dig deeper into figuring that out than we can here on Cloudflare, the dmarcian forum is a good place for such discussion.

According to the dmarcian SPF Surveyor you have not merged your SPF records yet. Your Cloudflare dashboard screenshots show your mail hostname is :orange: proxied. This is very likely to interfere with the proper operation of your email. This Community #tutorial should help you learn more about that.

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