DNS management failed, website not accessible (even through ftp)

I have added two domains to cloudfare. For the first one everything seems to have worked out well.
I have added my second domain to cloudflare. Then I accepted the entries that were offered to me under DNS management. Two hours later my website was no longer accessible. I received 200 entries under DNS management. To me it seems as if DNS management had added all sorts of directories from Wordpress.

Any idea what went wrong or what I need to do?

I would clean up all the DNS entries there that aren’t needed and make sure the ones that are needed are there.

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Thank you jake1st for your response. How do I know which entries I need for sure? On the site where it worked there were only four entries. (I can add a screenshot tomorrow).

If you know what the old records looked then before you transferred then I would match them in Cloudflare.

If your first domain is working and has the same setup as the second one then that would be a good place to start.

Ok, thanks. I will try tomorrow and let you know.

I saw few similar topics, and I belive this could be due to a possibility if you have had an asterix * in the DNS zone at your ex hosting provider, so when Cloudflare scanned it, it added all of them in alphabetical order word (somehow happens, not sure exactly).

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Dear Jake1st, thank you for the good hint. Deleted all entries and just kept those as for the other site. Now it works again. Thanks for helping out.

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