DNS management empty after adding my website

I changed previous DNS to Cloudflare DNS BEFORE adding my website into Cloudflare so now DNS auto import is almost empty…

I put back previous DNS on my registrar, delete my website from Cloudflare and do it again half an hour after but it is still almost empty (only 2 acme entries)

What can I do please ?

Thank you.

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There is no option to run the scan for DNS records again. Deleting a domain from Cloudflare does not change that. You will need to create your desired DNS records.

I really don’t know why it’s not possible if everything is set in a normal state before adding the website…

It wasn’t set to a normal state, though. You indicated that you set the nameservers to Cloudflare at your registrar before you had been assigned Cloudflare nameservers for that domain. That insured that the automatic DNS scan would yield no results, and you only get the one attempt. Deleting the domain from Cloudflare does not reset that. You will need to create DNS records for that domain in Cloudflare before you will be able to use the domain.

I understand your answer but as a webmaster since 20 years I still don’t understand why it’s working only one time if all my DNS entries are back again on my other DNS host…

You scanned the DNS once already when pointed to nameservers that had no records. Cloudflare has established those as your starting DNS entries. You can remove the domain and add it back and they will continue to be your starting entries. If you move the domain to another Cloudflare account it may scan again since existing records would never be shared across accounts for security and privacy reasons.

I personally have no use for the scanned records and prefer to either skip the scan or empty the zone using the API and start fresh. If you have enough records to make it a more laborious task, you might see if you can export the records in a BIND zone format from your existing provider. That would allow you to import them into Cloudflare.

Thank you again.

I asked Hostinger to export my DNS entries, it"s not possible :frowning:

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