DNS management causing Error 522

My domain name has Cloudflare as registrar, but there’s something wrong in DNS Management causing Error 522 Connection timed out.
I can’t find out why this is happening. I think my settings are fine as far as I understand from the documentation, but I can see Custom domains still showing “Verifying” and I’m stuck with “Complete DNS setup”.

Any help is much appreciated as I’m on this since this morning and I can’t understand what’s happening.

Have you tried removing the conflicting A records?

Please, what do yo mean exactly? I have one for root and one for www. Isn’t correct?

Those names conflict with the records that your Pages custom names need to create. You cannot have both.

So, if I’d like to have my domain served both with and without www, how can I do that? How exactly should I use instead?

So I’ve deleted the A record for www now, and done again a Check DNS records to initiate a verification check for the one left Custom domain www.rawriddims.com (I’ve removed the other one rawriddims.com). Is this right? I still see “Verifying” and still same error 522

But by removing the A record for www, I see now: Required steps to complete zone set-upHide
Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for www so that www.rawriddims.com will resolve.

So, I don’t understand how can I solve this, as you are saying that I cannot have both

Adding a custom name to your Cloudflare page should create the required record automatically as long as both are in the same Cloudflare account.

Additionally the custom domains documentation explains that CNAMEs, not A records, are used.

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Sorry for the confusion, but now with the following DNS management using CNAME instead of A records, only Custom domain www.rawriddims.com is working; rawriddims.com (without www) is blocked by Zero Trust.
I see an Info appeared about CNAME flattening in DNS management, just for rawriddims.com (without www).
Please, how to solve this?

Don’t sweat that info. It has to do that if you want to use that name in that manner.

For me, both names are

You will want to review any access policies you have defined.

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Also, at first try with Chrome and IE Edge I was getting DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN for both domain with and without www. FF gets just the one with www only. It does not happen anymore now.

Right now, IE Edge is blocked by Zero Trust (no problem, I will renew the access policy), but Chrome is showing up a 404 error for both domain with and without www - which worries me, here’s the URL whre is redirected:


Is this happening because of DNS propagation, is it a Zero Trust thing, or there’s something else I should know?


Probably. Do you have any access policies in place?

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I do have a Zero Trust setting to allow access to a few email addresses only (site is still in development). So do you think it shoud be that? And what about Chrome serving that redirect?

So now I have emptied the cache in Chrome and it’s behaving just like IE Edge: serving Zero Trust login for both domains with and without www. FF should be the same, but I cannot empty its cache now as I’m using it to be logged here.

So, Zero Trust it is then.

One more thing please, in order to be able to serve domain name with and without www, is CNAME the only way? Is it the best way? Does CNAME will affects the performance/speed in some way? Please, what would you think and suggest?

Thank yo so much!

CNAME is required when using custom domain with your Cloudflare Pages site. It doesn’t have any relevant impact on site performance.

Ideally you will pick either with or without www to be the canonical name of the site and employ a redirect to it from the other one. If you do that using redirect rules in Cloudflare, your Pages site won’t need that name configured. I’d save questions about that for its own topic, though.

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Thank you so much for the help and explanations, @epic.network

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