DNS management after changing hosts from a Partner

I currently fall into this case:

“If your domain is added to Cloudflare via one of our hosting partners, manage your DNS records via the hosting partner. In this case, the Cloudflare DNS app informs customers to manage DNS outside of Cloudflare.”

On my DNS page, I see:

" Your DNS zone file is hosted by DreamHost, a Cloudflare partner. Changes to your DNS settings must be made through the DreamHost website"

My DNS is hosted through Dreamhost, so my domain’s name servers point there.

I plan to move to a NEW host that is not Dreamhost, which recommends that I point my name servers to Cloudflare. After I do that, will this page automatically pick up the change and work as expected, no longer suggesting that I manage DNS through Dreamhost. There is no other connection linking me to Dreamhost?

Just want to make sure to know what to expect.

Hi @mmccaff,

I am not 100% on this, but since no one else replied…

I would think that you may need to add the site again directly through Cloudflare as I doubt you have the nameservers in the partner account to change to?

Hopefully, someone else can confirm :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve since migrated to the new host and am using their nameservers and no Cloudflare (for now). Once I am confident that things are good there (I was trying to make it easy to switch back if necessary) it should be fine for me to just delete the old site in Cloudflare, and then add it back.

I don’t suppose there is any way for me to “archive” a site’s configuration in CF instead of deleting it, so I could create the new site but have the old site’s configuration to revert back to if necessary?

No problem! Sorry no one replied sooner!

Always good to have a working config before adding to Cloudflare :slight_smile:.

Unfortunately not, normally if you delete and re-add a site, it retains the settings - but I don’t think it will for a partner setup.

What you could do, if that is the only site in your account, is to create a new account, add the site there on a full setup and leave the other account in case you need to go back and check settings.


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