DNS managed in OVH, I want to route only a subdomain to Cloudflare

I have all my DNS and Domain managed in OVH and I wonder how to configure everything so just one subdomains is managed by Cloudflare ?

I want to use backblaze to store my assets, CDN managed by Cloudflare when the server is managed by OVH.

I follow this tutorial named Using-Backblaze-B2-with-the-Cloudflare-CDN

Let’s say my assets will be behind *my-assets.mydomain when my server is served behind

Where do I register my-assets.mydomain ?
In OVH, in Cloudflare ?
Can I keep NS in OVH and just add cloud NS ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can only register a single subdomain with CNAME setup on a Business or higher plan.



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