DNS Manage for over 50 websites

I have reached 50 websites on my account. Can i add more on Free Plan just for manage their DNS zone records? If not is there a plan to buy and allow me to add more?

Are you getting an error when trying to add a new zone, or just asking? I believe there isn’t really a zone limit until maybe you reach the thousands, but not sure if that is still the case.


Add away, there is no limit on either free or paid plans.

You need to activate some of the domains by correctly setting the nameservers, as there is a limit to the number of inactive domains you can have on an account.


I still get this error unfortunatelly
“You have exceeded the limit for adding zones. Please activate some zones.”

Set the nameservers on some of your domains to activate them. Is there a reason you need large numbers of domains on your account without any of them actually doing anything?


I have activated 6 zones.
I was waiting for the ns servers to be updated before i reply.
All domain will be activated.
I m waiting first to confirmed and authorized by our registar.

As soon as the some domains were approved, i was able to add more.
You were right @michael
Thank you very much


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