DNS malware filtering with

I just ran across this video comparing malware filtering capabilities of different DNS providers. It’s a pretty documented process with methodology explained:

Just wondering if I could get some context so I can better understand malware filtering prior to agreeing with any conclusions made by the video.


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Hi - this DNS malware filtering has now 3 followup videos with discussion of methodologies. With the video, companies such as quad9, dns filter and cisco umbrella have all responded to the results and given opinions about malware lists and how they determine whether blocked sites are retired. Frankly I’m very surprised no one from Cloudflare has reached out since there is now a very large discussion about the topic and 3 such videos with methodology explained.

I guess I’m just a little disappointed.
Latest video (with DNS Filter response to results).:

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for sharing this video series. We’re building Gateway and for Families on top of the technology that powers, which lets us add these security features to the world’s fastest DNS resolver. We’re constantly working on ways to improve what we do and don’t filter, and this test is another good piece of feedback for that.

We break out our methodology in detail here:

I hope that’s helpful to answering the original question about the context we use to approach it. Let us know if there is something we can answer more specifically.