DNS - lost all emails

Hi, help please. My business emails all stoped when I set up various domains in Cloudfare. Found answer in support to change from ‘proxy’ to ‘DNS’ Still 2 days later, I have no business emails. This is crippling our businesses and I cannot find any way to get support to resolve.

Any ideas please? URGENT

Hi @colin17,

Have a look through this and let us know the domain with the issue if you still can’t figue it out.


Thank you for the prompt response. The website is https://hygieiadirect.com and here is a screenshot.

Assuming that your mail is hosted on the same server as your website, that all looks OK on the Cloudflare side. Your mail should end up with the server with that 109. IP.

Thank you, yes I have not changed anything thing on the origin server other than nameservers. Not sure why DNS is nor resolving. Can now get email by webmail, but not ideal with 15 emails in each domain, and 11 domains?

Unfortunately, I think I may have to delete all Cloudfare accounts, including PRO/Business versions that we have/were adding.

Clients will not accept loss of emails for 3 days. I have contacted hosting, server support, all good from taht end as we can get webmail.

Shame, loved the Cloudfare protection, bit will have to go back to website security options on sever. Thanks for help, but not being able to talk directly with Cloudfare support on a paid PRO account is actually frustrating.
Best Colin

Ah, you didn’t mention that before. So you can see the emails in your provider’s webmail, but not i.port them to some email software?

If that’s the case, you will most likely have a proxied hostname specified for the program to connect to. You need to use the mail subdomain, as that’s :grey:.

You do have access to support through your dashboard, it just can take longer. They also won’t make any configuration changes, you will have to do that yourself.

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