DNS lookup fails, no records are available when I do a dns lookup

DNS lookup fails, no records are available when I do a dns lookup

Could you share some more information, for example what records you expect to find and what your domain is?


Hi everyone and thanks!

Earlier, our website stopped working completely, and we found our DNS was wiped clean. The website is:


After opening a support ticket, we received an email that we had violated TOS with no indication why, although it promised our existing services would remain up. The support ticket was forwarded to the abuse team.

Another support ticket later, some bot finally responded:

The interstitial page on your website was automatically triggered because you are serving video or a disproportionate amount of images without paying for such services, in violation of Section 2.8 of our Terms of Service.

I disabled Cloudflare entirely on the domain to fix the issue, but we are still without DNS. Our business is completely down right now, any help to resolve this would be super appreciated since I can’t get an answer from support.

I don’t see what disabling DNS is going to solve.

DNS lookup:

It looks like your ticket has already been escalated. You will need to wait for the team to reach out to you. We appreciate your patience.

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Hi @dsarmiento01 I see your ticket 3231178 has been sent to the Trust & Safety team. Neither this Community nor the Support team have any insight into the issue and you’ll need to work with the T&S team for resolution.

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I need some sort of support. My business is down, we are getting no emails, and I have not heard back from the trust & safety team.

I’m looking for help from the community to just transfer out my domain to salvage this weekend, since I’m assuming nobody will get back to me.

Please provide help. I don’t understand how my domain was locked up even from transferring it out.

I want to emphasize my business is SOL.

Patience is not part of the equation right now, where is the urgency on behalf of Cloudflare?

Why is my domain locked up?