DNS lookup failing on some VPN locations

Hello Cloudflare Community!

We have issues with some VPN locations not being able to find our DNS servers.
Our server has the port 53 opened for TCP & UDP, so we suspect that Cloudflare might be denying the connections.

Namecheap is our domain provider and we started using Cloudflare 2 weeks ago for our domain: Prestigebot.com. Here is the result from whatsmydns.net: https://gyazo.com/3df3268fd4c1b78307b93c77ef85d7f1

This is what our Cloudflare DNS looks like:

Now my question, if this issue is caused by Cloudflare blocking some VPN locations, is it possible for us to allow their connection to our servers using cloudflare?

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That would be correct. By default, Cloudflare proxies only http traffic on ports 80 and 443.

Do I understand correctly that your company uses an internal DNS resolver hosted at one of your locations, and that some external users cannot access that DNS resolver?
This should not be blocked by Cloudflare, as connections to the DNS server should be done directly using the server’s IP address, not its hostname.

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Complete nonsense. Don’t do that.

Is your site maybe simply blocked by some DNS providers? It seems to be working just fine with the ones I tested.

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There are a lot of incoming requests to our domain, do you think that could be the reason why some DNS providers might block us and is there a way to verify if that’s the case?

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