DNS Lookup Error on some networks / in some countries

Hi there,

I’ve recently moved my domain to another registrar. Since I manage my DNS at Cloudflare, I entered the correct nameservers there.

Now I have the issue that for some countries and networks, the DNS can not be resolved resulting in my website and applications being down. See a report here; https://www.uptrends.com/tools/uptime?toolRequestGuid=5564ee90-80c2-41c6-8b7b-a16b34ceb6d1

The same issue happens for email. We use Google Workspace which is correctly setup in Cloudflare. Some e-mails sent to me got bounced due to an error (DNS not resolved) .

Is this an issue at Cloudflare, my registrar, or something I can fix myself?


Have you tried disabling and re-enabling DNSSEC? It seems to be misconfigured.

Hi! DNSSEC is not enabled at the moment.

Hi! DNSSEC is not enabled for this domain.

Is this recent? Because up until a while ago (when I first saw your post) your domain had DS records, now they seem to be gone. So perhaps it’s all a matter of propagation.

Seems to! Issue is resolved, so thanks anyway :smiley:

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