DNS location security

Is it best practice (for wordpress website security purposes) to manage all DNS here in cloudflare CDN, rather than on the host/server, or even with my domain name registrar?

Can i manage MX, A and CNAME records in a free cloudflare account?

It’s pretty much all or nothing. If you want your site proxied by Cloudflare, all DNS for that domain has to be managed here. Cloudflare supports DNSSEC, so that’s certainly a plus for security, and your Cloudflare account can be protected by 2FA, which another bonus. And Cloudflare DNS is super fast. Another win.

win win win with you guys! thanks.

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and should we setup SSL on my webhost server (Lets Encrypt) or on Cloudflare (Universal) too? not sure about the pros/cons…

You should absolutely set up SSL/TLS on your server. That will secure your end of the connection. Cloudflare’s SSL will secure the browser end.

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Is SSL at “both ends” quite common? necessary for average use?

It’s quite common, and definitely necessary for average use.


and what about Bot Fight Mode, should that be enabled if i ALSO have BOT PROTECTION on my webhost? (free, or Pro only?)

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