DNS Load Balancing Geo Steering (POP Level)


I purchased the a la carte Traffic Load Balancer service for Geo Steering DNS Queries to the closest Region based on the Location or the Origin Request. Basically, I want DNS Query response to be Steered to a Pool of servers closest to the client making the request.

I setup Geo Steering based on Region and its working - for the most part. I realized with the A La Cart option (no Business/ENT plan) I only get access to 8 Regions and not Datacenter/POP Granularity. Meaning If a device in Canada Queries host gslb.example.com, CF will resolve DNS to a pool of servers in Eastern North America.

My issue: I have 3 pools in ENAM - Toronto Canada, New York and Kansas City. Despite client located in YYZ Colo (Toronto Canada), the traffic will steer to NY Pool.

I was told by support I need to upgrade to Enterprise plan for Colo/Datacenter level granularity but these plans start at $1-3k which is not in my budget. I was also told to try use Workers, but i read up on workers and I’m pretty sure they’re only used for http web service traffic steering, not DNS Load Balancer.

Ent plan is not in my budget, I dont need support or any of the features for that matter, just simple DNS Load Balancing (grey cloud), dynamic or geo steering but datacenter/colo performance.

Any ideas how to achieve this at a moderate price?

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