Dns load balancer help

I have 3 origin servers in 1 pool
ip 1 = 30%
ip 2 = 30%
ip 3 = 40%

no failover pool

I see it correctly load balances between 3 origin servers

when ip 2 fails for example

it doesn’t automatically steer the visitor to ip 1 or ip 3. it just keeps trying to load ip 2 and all requests continue to fail.

this happens if any of the ip’s fail

How do you make it failover to a different origin server WITHIN the same pool? It works to failover to a different pool however, but not to a different working origin server within the same pool

Did you configure the Monitors?

yes, see attached

Not sure why yours doesn’t work, maybe another @MVP can shed a light.

I have removed 1 of the origin servers (that is currently not working which caused my site to not work) since it doesn’t route to the other origin servers within the same pool

put the one that is not working and made it the fallover pool but still not solving the problem


has 2 ips

has 1 ip

i want it to fall over to the healthy IP in NGINX POOL first before going to the FALLOVER POOL

1 more pic


here i have tried to make 3 origin servers in 1 pool. changed the health status to 1 origin to be marked healthy

you can see 1 is unhealthy and 2 is healthy

but it will still route to the unhealthy origin and won’t change to healthy origin servers within this pool

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