DNS list is not loading

Trying to add two domains since yesterday and both times service was not able to resolve dns records. Yesterday there was a 404 error in console. Today no errors but it’s not loading anyway.


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Possibly a glitch with the new DNS UI. Open a support ticket.


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It might not let you scan for records again. Can you export them from your current provider?

Hi @real.yaryk, I can see the ticket and the reply from the engineer. I can also verify that the change to your name servers Support asked about has been completed. This is true for both the domain listed above, and the one you asked about with Support. This thread talks about:

$ dig ns winfin.live +short

The domain shown on your ticket is different and I can confirm the name server change on that zone as well.

And, I can see the DNS records for both zones.

Finally, the ticket is closed, but if you’re still having issues, please just reply back and let the Engineer know and perhaps also confirm if you’re both talking about the same zone.

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