DNS link to your webpage in domain


Newbie here can someone assist me on:

1 . Going to make a new login page on my (DASHBOARD WEB PAGE). I need to put the address in my DNS and link it to my (MAIN WEB PAGE) in my domain.

  1. As for the redirection of my dashboard to a different URL, I would need to change the DNS record from (OTHER WEB PAGE) to point to an (IP ADDRESS) so then i will be able to pick it up and redirect the page there.

Thanks in advance.


Your ALL CAPS obfuscations make it a bit difficult to decipher, but it sounds like your want a DNS entry to point to a webpage/URL?

It’s ok if you use placeholder URLs and IP addresses: example.com/login-page, example2.com or a DNS entry of to be more descriptive of the issue.

Some ideas to keep in mind: DNS doesn’t handle URLs. It’s only domains and subdomains pointing to IP addresses or other domains/subdomains…with some special case exceptions that don’t apply to “A” or CNAME records.

You’re probably better served with Page Rules that can provide some pretty powerful redirection by matching URLs.


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