DNS keeps changing

I need help! DNS records keeps changing causing my website IP to change. I need the DNS to stay static so the IP will stay static.
The changes keep interfering with a plugin I use to sync orders with shipping company.

Cloudflare’s IPs are by definition not static, they should rarely change, but it is not guaranteed in any way.

So what can I do in order to keep my IP static?

Short of getting an Enterprise plan, which make no sense at all for this, nothing.

Either connect directly to the server for this, or actually use the DNS hostname like you should.


And the outcome would cause my website to become breach-able won’t it?

Absolutely not, especially the second option. The first depends on your setup.

So after speaking to my host Cloudways, they said to disable the proxy and don’t hide the IPs.
Is this what you mean as well?

No, that would for sure work, though.

I’d simply make the service, given it seems to require an IP, just make the service use Cloudways IP directly. Or if they have a way to not use an IP, but an actual hostname (which to me seems the preferable solution), just use the hostname.

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Can you please explain to me, step by step how do I do that? Sorry I’m not a tech guy :slight_smile:

I’m unable to do that, it depends on the third party service. Contact them.

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