DNS items - maybe too much

Hello. I would like to ask you for advice: What should I delete in my DNS managerment? I hope there are some unnecessary items especially that two on picture. I´am not just server admin :frowning:

thank you very much for advice

SCREEN of my DNS management in cloudflare:

These are wildcard records -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wildcard_DNS_record

Unless you need them, you can safely delete them. There’s not much of an issue with them though, except that they reveal your IP address, however that address is revealed by your MX record anyhow.

The main question is, is it an issue that your server address is not entirely “hidden” by Cloudflare? If it is not, then you don’t really need to do anything. If it is, you should remove these records, put specific ones in place for wherever you used them, and move your mail environment to a dedicated setup with a different IP address. If you do this you should also contact your host as your IP address is publicly known at this point.

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