DNS Issuewith MX Record Preventing the use of our mail server

This is from leafdns.com
Your MX records according to nancy.ns.cloudflare.com. are:
Priority Glue IP Name
0 Yes _dc-mx.3ede5af0e4db.gwprocketapps.com.
FAIL: _dc-mx.3ede5af0e4db.gwprocketapps.com. is not a valid domain name.
The following MX record IP(s) have proper PTR (rDNS) records:
IP rDNS sharkvault.com.

I have issued a help request, and it is falling on deaf ears.

You likely have your MX record pointing to a hostname on your domain that is proxied. Make sure that points to an unproxied hostname pointing to your server IP.

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From the dashboard. TTL is low because I was troubleshooting.
MX gwprocketapps.com mail.gwprocketapps.com DNS only 5 min

Your MX hostname is missing A and AAAA records. At least one of the two is necessary. Be sure to leave the A or AAAA records for mail set to :grey: DNS Only.

Removed the A record after domjh post to see if people were actually looking. The A record creates another glue record conflict. Thanks.

I’m not seeing any glue record conflict created by your MX hostname A record.

Leaf DNS doesn’t do a good job analyzing Cloudflare nameservers. The secret is knowing what you can safely ignore in their output. I would not waste any time concerned with anything in the Local NS Tests section

Old dig

gwprocketapps.com. 300 IN MX 0 _dc-mx.3ede5af0e4db.gwprocketapps.com.

New Dig

gwprocketapps.com. 300 IN MX 0 mail.gwprocketapps.com.


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So if I have proxied A records and CNAMEs on CF and want imap… to resolve correctly, do I have to create them on CF because they don’t seem to be resolving locally on the server or should I add the local ns to CF?

Some providers distinguish between the records and their traffic types, and create both e.g. smtp.gwprocketapps.com, imap.gwprocketapps.com, … and so on.

Others lean just to just use mail.gwprocketapps.com alone, which would also be easier administratively, if it is actually the same server handling everything (e.g. both SMTP, IMAP, POP[3], …).

From a quick digging in to your domain, it looks like the set up for your domain is leaning towards using mail.gwprocketapps.com alone.

As such, I wouldn’t personally bother with other (e.g. smtp, imap, pop[3] specific) records.

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