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Hey Cloudflare Support Team,

Hope you’re doing well! I’m reaching out because I’ve hit a bit of a snag with my website theslimquotient.com, and I could use your expertise.

I recently added an SSL certificate from Cloudflare, and now my site won’t load. According to my system.io, it’s pointing fingers at DNS records - saying they might be erroneous or missing.

Quick backstory: I’ve been managing my DNS records with Namecheap.com. However, given the current situation with my website not loading after integrating Cloudflare’s SSL certificate, I’m contemplating whether it’s necessary to directly manage my website’s DNS records with Cloudflare.com

As you are probably aware I am just trying to have my website load on any browser with SSL certification.

I know you guys are the wizards of the web, so any help you can provide would be awesome. My website’s feeling a bit lost without you!

Thanks a bunch for your speedy assistance.




Your site is currently working ok with SSL and is not on Cloudflare. If you move to Cloudflare and have any issues, people will be able to help then.

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Hi @theslimquotient, as sjr said, your website/zone is not actually on Cloudflare.
Please follow the steps here to add it:

I am also sure you are not using a Cloudflare SSL certificate, since you can only use one when your site is using Cloudflare.

yeah i removed it because of the aforementioned conflict.

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