DNS issues

Hi all, I’m sorry if this is a dumb question.
I used to understand that when changing NS servers on registrar, the remaining records on the registrar doesn’t matter anymore.

Even if they don’t matter anymore let me sketch our situation here.
domainA_com has been hosted somewhere and also used Cloudflare services.
devA decided to quit and took down the hosting and left without leaving any way to contact or handed over data or credentials and all.

So I made a Cloudflare account and added domainA.com again, got requested to adjust NS servers on registrar and the owner adjusted the NS records. ( previous where other subs of Cloudflare )
And I’ve set different A records within Cloudflare.
And Cloudflare reports “Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site” and even started to show statistics of requests and blocks and stuff.
Now after more than 24hours it still is pointing towards the old A records altho other NS server is used.

There are 2 things that are possible which I’d like to rule out.

  • Does registrar records overrule Cloudflare?
  • Is it possible that former dev Cloudflare account is still overruling ?

Even when I do “#nslookup domainA_com treasure.ns.cloudflare.com
and “#dig -t A domainA_com @treasure_ns_cloudflare_com” I get the old IP’s

please advice, we’re desperate in getting this back online asap

my apologies for the _ apparently I’m limited :smiley:

Where are you seeing this?

No. Not if you really are using Cloudflare name servers.

Yes. Some third party partners don’t release DNS. This causes problems for domains that are :orange: Proxied. Click on the :orange: for that record so it’s :grey: DNS Only, then wait five minutes to take effect. See if that shows the correct site or not.

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Thanks for your time to respond @sdayman

You are right about the proxy flag. Once I changed that it immediately went over to my IP.
However yet I don’t get my own page. I even thought it was my VPS doing weird things.

Does this mean that we won’t have any kind of optimisation etc. from Cloudflare as it’s not being proxied?

If it’s :grey: DNS Only, and has propagates (>5 minutes), and still not working, then there’s a problem at your server.

Correct. But it’s a good way to troubleshoot. Once the site is working correctly with HTTPS in :grey: mode, you can switch it to :orange: Proxied.


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