DNS issues?



I’m getting ‘NXDOMAIN Domain name not found:’ on a domain using Cloudflare, website resolves correctly but mail sent from Google is being rejected? Just me?


MX records are present and correct (and have been for years) and resolve correctly. Seems that only Google is unable mail sent to this domain…


I’ve just had mxtoolbox show me blank entries for my MX records. Then, a minute later, show me the correct entires. Is there some unreported issue with CF DNS?



I’m seeing MX records for your domain. How long has your site been on Cloudflare?


Hi, since March. The MX records are now showing correctly but I would love to know why they vanished this morning. As I mentioned above, mxtoolbox was showing no mxrecords earlier today, it also complained briefly that there was no A record for the matching website. All working normally again now but a bit odd as I’d not made any changes in my CF dashboard…

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