DNS Issues with SiteGrouind: WWW Redirect Check Failed

Well…that’s not very helpful of them when it’s their own integration.

Still, though. I’ve gotten 502 and 504 when I’ve messed something up at the server. Cloudflare has no choice but to pass that along to the visitor.

Right now, you’re using Siteground’s name servers:

I wish it’d stop flagging that as a concern. It’s just DNS security that has no bearing on site functionality. At this point, definitely don’t use DNSSEC if you’re going to switch back and forth between Cloudflare direct, and Siteground name servers while you troubleshoot this.

Right now, the ball is in Siteground’s court, as it looks like you’re currently using their integration. (not that using Cloudflare direct would change the current situation, as 5xx errors come from the host)