DNS Issues with Site

Been having this issue since I downgraded from Pro to Free. My site will not connect using a major ISP in my country. It always show ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

I have emailed CF on this, but still not resoled. After few digger, my server admin asked me to grey out A’ record and www’ record on CF DNS setting, which I did, and the issue was solved immediately. But I want all my traffic to pass through CF for security and other reasons, but turning them on again, result in the above error. But everything was working OK before I downgraded.

My server admin thinks the government of my country or my ISP is blocking certain IP address in my region. Because, using same ISP with a VPS load the site without any issue.

Please how do I fix this. Thanks

This certainly looks like the issue, so you’d have to take this up with your government or ISP. Cloudflare can’t stop entities from blocking their IP addresses.

You didn’t post your domain name or your country, so there’s not much we can check.

Thanks for your reply.
My domain is https://www.droidafrica.net/ and my country is Nigeria.

Of course I can do nothing to the government. But I do’t want to turn of cloudflare proxy either.
Surprisingly, I was on CF free before trying pro, and never had any issue until I downgraded. Anyways, is there any possible work around without turning of CF proxies?

The public IP address of your site probably changed when you downgraded, and ended up in as an IP address blocked by your ISP.

I completely agree with this sir. But now, what can I do to change the public IP address again?

It sounds like you’ve already contacted Cloudflare. It’s extremely unlikely Cloudflare will change your IP address because your ISP seems to arbitrarily block IP addresses, and the next one could end up blocked as well.

But do you think there is anything I can do, to try trigger a change of my public IP address on CF? How about removing, and re-adding the site again, will that trigger a new public IP?

Probably not. Cloudflare generally remembers your domain settings after you remove it. If anything would work, it would be setting up a new Cloudflare account. Again, no guarantees that your ISP won’t block that one as well.

Trust me, this is a very rare case. Blocking IP address is not a common practice of the government of my country, and for what it worth, I have to try first.

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Seems getting wrong IP has been a long issue that seems to have no solution even until now.

I saw all your replies in the above link. Now, I’m even more confused as to what to do!

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