DNS issues with pointing a subdomain to a different target then root domain

Hi all, Im having a lot of trouble doing the following:

Pointing the root domain to its wordpress website at namecheap (xyz,com pointing to namecheap)
Pointing the subdomain to a different website at a different provider (app.xyz,com pointing to different website and provider).

Ive created the following cname files:
Cname: www namecheapnsurl Proxied
Cname: xyz,com namecheapnsurl Proxied
Cname: app.xyz,com differentprovidernsurl Proxied

Currently I can only get the app.xyz,com to resolve.

Any help would be appreciated


Thank you for asking.

Before moving to Cloudflare, were all those domain and sub-domains of your Website working over HTTPS connection? :thinking:

Nevertheless, may I ask you what kind of error do you get?
Can you share a screenshot of it here with us?

Is the root domain using Cloudflare nameservers?
And you successfully created other DNS hostnames under the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard while managing your domain name?

Hi, Ive manged to sort it. I had to remove the SSL cert prior to pointing to CF

Thankyou for your response :slight_smile:

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