DNS issues with one of my domains, can't find any records with google admin toolbox dig

Hi all,

I have many domains with Cloudflare, they are all working good. However, I recently found out that one of my domains has an issue with DNS settings.

Here is the link to Google toolbox: Dig (DNS lookup)

What should I do to resolve this, please?
Thanks so much

Your DNSSEC is broken. This stops DNS from resolving from Cloudflare’s name servers.

You can either turn it off at Porkbun, or go to the DNSSEC page here (under DNS) and get the proper DS settings to add at Porkbun.

Thanks so much for your quick reply. I switch the DNSSEC within PorkBun as well as transferred the domain registrar to CloudFlare for a safer approach. I hope it will solve the problem. I will update the issue output when the transitional finished as well as the DNSSEC resolved.
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