DNS Issues with IP Changeover

Hey Community,

I was planning to move hosts, so I changed the @ record for the IP change. When I do so, the new IP doesn’t propagate. I’m confused because even when I completely change the IP, the old origin still actively updates even with the new IP on there it pulls from the old one.

Any ideas?

If that DNS record is :orange: Proxied, you won’t see an IP address change.

Are you saying that when you view your site, it’s still from the old host?

Exactly, I turned off PROXIED for @ - host.tld changed the ip from the old IP to the new IP but the site isn’t changing over or even showing errors. It loads the old site no matter what, even if that IP isn’t found in @ record.

It’s wrong even if the DNS record is DNS Only?

What’s the domain?

rossmers.ch is the domain.

That hostname is showing Cloudflare’s proxied IP addresses. Can you please post a screenshot of your DNS records? It’s ok to black out IP addresses.

That looks correct. I forgot to ask you to confirm that the Cloudflare name servers listed at the bottom of that page are Alexia and Ridge. Are they?

Indeed they’re Alexia and Ridge, the IP is @ from direct admin on the host I use

Ack! It looks like you have a load balancer. And that points to origin pools with IP addresses.

I’ve never set up Load Balancing, but that certainly adds a twist to the situation. Maybe you should check your LB setup.

Ack, I 100% forgot about load balancers.

Ack ack ack

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