DNS issues, TXT records not removed

I have domain .bg registered at your free plan.
I’ve tried to update LetsEncrypt certificates, but get strange behavior of TXT records _acme-challenge.
Cloudflare nameserver returns list of 2 previous records:
_acme-challenge. 300 IN TXT “bXepVy3DFeuSNspA0fEha_3gFtlwNlFGatnn9iq_W-I”
_acme-challenge. 300 IN TXT “cqE6tQoE6_uU0N0eEwk6fBwp_oD_4gZxoU_RIbuoa9E”

I can’t delete them from dashboard, because there are no such records ( I’ve already deleted them a day ago)
Can you please assist.

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