DNS issues? Need help

About 48 hours ago I switched my site from wix to wordpress. I went through all the steps in cloudflare with dns, etc. When I go to my website vivensure.com on my mobile device my new wordpress site comes up, when I open any browser at home on desktop and go to my site it goes to my old wix site.

I have had my host look at it and they said everything looks correct. I have cleared cache, restarted my computer, restarted my router and it still goes to my old wix site on desktop. I called my ISP this morning and they said nothing they could do. So I figured I would try here. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Do I have to wait longer than 48 hours for all changes?


48 hours is usually the magic number for DNS propagation. So it should be good within a few more hours.

It’s showing WordPress for me. And this global test looks like the WordPress site:

EDIT: Of course…now there’s a DNS issue that may affect this for you:

I think I am narrowing it down. when i pull up my site from any device connected to my wifi it goes to wix, if i turn off wifi on my phone and use lte it goes to wordpress.

i did a reboot on my router but didn’t seem to fix. do you think a factory reset would work?

i got it fixed. thanks.


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