DNS issues? Maybe propagation?

Hi there.
I have just signed up (around 3 hours ago) to Cloudfare with this website luigiboschi.it
I have updated the nameservers of my domain to point to the ones suggested by Cloudfare. Now if I go there https://dnschecker.org/#NS/luigiboschi.it some of them are updated some others are not.
The website is offline and idk which is the issue.
I also got this issue

You don’t have a DNS entry for the naked domain and you also seem to have an insecure encryption mode.

Configure a DNS entry for @ and make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict.

Hi Sandro. This is the DNS section of my domain. They told me dns3 is not needed for CLoudfare so I have not changed it.

Not the nameservers, those are all right. Your DNS configuration on Cloudflare.

I see this

Precisely, this is where the entry for the naked domain is missing.

Plus change your encryption mode to Full Strict.

What should I write inside there?

The same address.

Have you changed the encryption mode already?

The same address you mean luigiboschi.it
Where can I change the encryption?

Full (strict) right?

Absolutely right, Full Strict.

Should I set NS for “type” and “luigiboschi.it” for IPV4 address?

No, the IP address, not the domain name. Also, drop your “www” entry and add one as CNAME pointing to luigiboschi.it.

The IP should be I guess


So, this one is the first, right?


Done. The second needs to be with which type? Which name?