DNS issues - google domain via Cloudflare - godaddy

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I’m new to the whole website building world and need some help.

I have a google domain and I host my Wordpress through GoDaddy. I built my site using the temp domain godaddy provided as I wanted my site to be built and to work before connecting the domains. When I tried connecting the domains and added the Cloudflare ssl my Wordpress customizer and Elementor wouldn’t work. I also turned off Rocked Launcher as I know that can affect Elementor. I ended up changing the domain back to the temp one and then everything worked again.

Could you please let me set up my DNB correctly? I’m not sure of the order it needs to be.

Currently my domain NS points to Cloudflare. What should my next step be?

Appreciate all the help.

What errors do you get? What SSL mode are you using?

  1. Free SSL
  2. I don’t get an actual error but when I load Edit with Elementor it says loading and “enable troubleshooting mode” but it won’t activate the troubleshoot mode. I’ve also tried to change this manually on the dashboard and it still won’t load elementor.

Sorry, by SSL mode, I meant Full or Flexible or Full Strict, in the SSL/TLS app of your CF dashboard.

Aha! Sorry, Flexible

No problem, thanks! Flexible can sometimes cause issues. If you can, you should install an SSL cert on your server and set it to Full.

You said it works with the temp domain, does it work on your domain when Cloudflare is paused?



Okay so to clarify I set the Cloudflare SSL to Full and then pause Cloudflare? (how do I pause it?). Change the domain back to my proper domain and test it out?

The SSL doesn’t work when I use the temp domain because I haven’t connected it to this domain, I’m unable to with it having limitation from Godaddy.

If you can’t install an SSL certificate on your hosting then you won’t be able to set it to full (this is not good… Maybe consider a different hosting package?!?)

Try leaving it as flexible and pausing Cloudflare. I posted the link on my previous post on how to do that. With it paused, set it to your actual domain and see if it works then.

Thank you, I’m going to give that a try now. Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Godaddy wants you to buy their SSL starting at $75 so at this rate I’m considering a new hosting site.


I don’t have a very high opinion of GoDaddy mainly due to the fact that they try and charge you extra for everything!!!


Suggestions for an affordable alternative (that I can use Cloudflare SSL or if it comes with it) that I can pay month to month while getting started? I’m not able to buy the 6month and up packages at the moment. So Bluehost and all those are out.

Okay so I tried this and Elementor crashes… “Cant Edit” Enable safe mode. And that’s with Cloudflare paused.

Does my NS of Cloudflare need to point to my hosting or to my domain?

No, your nameservers should point to Cloudflare, if there are still issues with Cloudflare paused then it may be a host or DNS issue. I am not familiar with the GoDaddy setup so will leave it for others to suggest other steps!

For hosting, I use HostPresto, don’t know where you are based but this hosting is based in the UK. I just find them very reasonably priced and the support is great! I am sure others will give their opinion aswell though!..

Thank you for your help thus far :slight_smile:

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After years of dealing with both, BlueHost isn’t any better IMO. Some things to look for in shared hosting is SSD storage (they may limit total storage space) and 2GB+ of ram and be sure to check for client reviews!

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I’ve been pretty happy with US-Based Dreamhost. It’s been a while since I’ve used them, but I don’t expect they’ve changed much. They’re still employee-owned.



North of the border where servers naturally run cooler, BoomHost is really fast and super cheap.



Thank you so much everyone. :slight_smile:

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