DNS Issues, forwarding from my local network

We have a local network that has a old local exchange server on our network. Also we had our old hosting company hosting our website. In the local DNS I added an entry that just forwarded to the website IP Address. We switched hosting company’s and they use Cloud Flare. I think that is a good thing but it has broken access to our website (internally) because I can’t really forward to an IP anymore. How do I get around this? I just need the 50 odd people inside my network to be able to get to our website.

Why internal?
Clients could just resolve the public domain. :thinking:

You could set a CNAME for website.company.local pointing to your website domain.com. But your clients would resovle domain.com anyway.

Thanks for the reply Mark,

The people on my internal network can’t get to the domain. Domain.org goes to the SBS server that used to be our exchange server. In the past I just put a DNS entry on that server that forwarded the request to an IP, it seems having the IP to our website is not recommended with Cloud Flare…I am ok with that but need some kind of work around to get my employees to be able to see our website. Everything external is working as it should.

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