DNS issues for sites not on Cloudflare after setting up Cloudflare on one of my domains


I have recently manually set up a free Cloudflare account on the domain MCNews dot com dot au

Everything works fine and DNS has propagated.

On the same web server as MCNews dot com dot au I have a couple of other website domains.

Since putting MCNews dot com dot au domain on Cloudflare. None of these websites work and are having DNS issues.

One of the websites: motopilots dot com

All the websites use the same nameservers on the server. Obviously, MCNews dot com dot au points to Cloudflare nameserver now.

The other sites still point to their default name servers. ( I have no intention to put these other sites on Cloudflare)

The question is what records do I have to add to the MCNews Cloudflare account so that the DNS resolves for the other websites?

A record
AAAA record
NS record

Do I have to add the above?

Can somebody show me an example?

Thanks for your help.

Aren’t you able to access them? I see its accessible from my end!

It looks like you figured out that you need A records for your ns1 and ns2 hostnames and that they need to be set to :grey: DNS Only.

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Looks like I sorted it. Thanks

Yes, I added A record for NS1 and NS2. Thanks

Now I just need to get the email working.

So an MX record pointing to the mail server? would that be mail.mcnews.com.au?

Yep… Go ahead with the information you’ve from the hosting provider.

Thanks I got it working.

Appreciate the replies from everyone.

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