DNS issues for site wth Zoho Sites and different domain registrant

Hi, first of all if this is basic for lot of people please excuse. I have been having this problem for a while.
I registered my domain with crazy domains and as they were not providing domain forwarding I ended up using Cloudflare.
1.Now earlier I had set up my CNAME record at Crazy domains and I then signed up for Cloudflare at which point it created a bunch of things in DNS app of Cloudflare and created a CNAME which was proxied.( I updated the nameservers in crazydomain.). This made my site work and I created some other records on Cloduflare and thus my email and site were working.

2.When I tried to create subdomain on cloudflare that did not work.

  1. I probably searched somewhere and found out that I do not need a CNAME at Crazy domain and the same at Cloudflare and if I delete that CNAME from crazydomain and have it only on Cloudflare, that Cloudflare would automatically make that CNAME dns only.
  2. So I deleted cname record at Crazy domain and had my records only on Cloudflare. But that cname did not change into dns only.

So My question is how do I do that , now that my cname is only at Cloudflare, should it not be showing as dns only?

or please tell me what is the process, should I delete the cname and set it again? Are the records correctly set though or do I need to change that too?

Since your DNS is at Cloudflare, whatever you do at Crazy Domains DNS won’t change anything. All of it has to be done here.

If you want a record to be DNS-Only, click on the :orange: so you can edit it and change it to :grey:, then Save it.

thanks a lot!

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