DNS issues (and cloudflare says they are busy at the moment)

Please, for close to a week, my site (site-deleted) has has failed to come up due to DNS issues.
i complained to my host provider and i was told everything is fine from their end.
made a complain to cloudflare support, and i was given different links to fix it myself, that they were busy and cant help for now.

Some of the links:

others :- new user can only put two(2) links

any one can help please.

this is what my host provider says from their end:

Yes, I really understand your concern. Unfortunately as the domain name servers are with the Cloudflare we do not have access to set it up. So you can contact the Cloudflare or try updating the name servers back to us

Hello, anyone… hmmm… guess this is a wait of time

What problem do you actually have? “DNS issues” is just too vague.
Maybe you can post the domain and/or the webpage that is not working OK.


I’m sorry you expect 30 minute responses in the middle of the night from other users to assist you with your problems and were disappointed.

Right now, your domain is using Bluehost DNS, so we can’t investigate.

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