DNS issue with validating AWS - truncating name

*I need to add a cname record with like this _RandomxxxxNumber.agencysalesmachine.com.

When Add this to the name field and save the .agencysalesmachine.com. is truncated.

I need this for aws to validate.

Hi @user100,

It just doesn’t show the domain in the dashboard, that is still the name of the record. Make sure the record is :grey:, not :orange: and if you’re still having issues, please post the AWS instructions and the full hostname here.

Here is link to the instructions

Here is what the

I have added the cname record in DNS, yesterday.

Here is info for cname record
domain name: agencysalesmachine.com
record name _7ec9f6f02c1a9baa93a6b6e3526cc830.agencysalesmachine.com.
record value: _51b6051daed4f1510e7275b6e4204695.bsgbmzkfwj.acm-validations.aws.

Thanks in advance

It finally went through… Thanks for your help!

Glad it’s working for you now.

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