DNS issue with Shopify


OK, so not sure if this something from Shopify’s side or if it’s something that I need to resolve.

Scenario is that yesterday I changed my Sopify website URL from pooltables.in.th to rhinopooltables.com.

I can now see the new URL fine on my mobile and other computers, but my computer I seem to be resolving to a wordpress site error. Here are the screenshots:

And when I go to https://rhinopooltables.com I get to:

So I add the exception and then get to:

On every other computer and my mobile the site loads as epected, but just on my laptop it seems I am being directed to a different IP (possibly).

Any ideas?


You can open Dev Tools in your laptop’s browser and click the Network tab to see which IP address you’re connecting to. I’m pretty sure it’s a DNS issue.

That shows me connecting to:

It should be going to:

Any ideas why on my computer only this isn’t happening?



Edit, problem was in my hosts file, all sorted and many thanks for your help.

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