Dns issue with google

Hello Cloudeflare community, ive been having issues with my domain google state the mobile usibility is affected by text too small and clickable elements too close and each time i fix the issues and validate it again mobile issue still exist, i fix the issue about 10 times and and can get it back ok, its affected my clicks and impressions in search console dfasitally reduce to 0. i was hoping i could get some assistants in resolvining my domain issue?

I also have this warnings in my Google Search Console, for each Website, but haven’t seen anything related in terms of affecting clicks and impressions for my Website so far :thinking:

May I ask, after all these changes, have you tried Purging the Cache at Cloudflare dashboard?

If so, kindly in your Cloudflare Dashboard navigate to Cachging → Configuration-> click on the button “Purge Everything”:

Maybe, Google keeps a cached version of your .css file alongside with the webpage, if so.

Cloudflare caches .css files and other by default, which can be found on the below list:

Nevertheless, may I ask have you tried clearing your Web browser cache or by using different Web browser, just in case if the Web browser loads a cached version, rather than the new one?

Thank you i havnt try purging the cache on cloudflare dashboard, ill try that now


did that work for you @jonesricardo407?

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