DNS issue with email sending from website

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mail from my website on port25 is being blocked from Cloudflare, (office365) I have a cname record for mail.domainname.ie which is proxied. i believe this should not be proxied for mail but when I set to DNS only I get a message about exposing AAAA origin server

I have included the server IP address in an SPF

what is the correct DNS setting to allow mail send from my website wit my office 365 crediantials

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You need to turn all DNS records that are related to your email to :grey: other email will not work.

The simplest way is to use Authenticated SMTP submission. You don’t need any special DNS setup for this to work.

If you use Office 365 for email, what is this mail record for?

If for some reason you are running your email and web server on the same IP address, then this error message is unavoidable.


Open your Cloudflare account go to the DNS and click add select TXT Records or MX Records whatever your hosting tell you and add them on hosting thats it. You wont face this issue again!

HI Michael
thanks for your reply. Im using Auth SMTP on our website, the test message leaves but doesn’t arrive?

Im not sure why I also have a mail record? i had some issue with a web developer who tried to fix this , so may be left over from him, I though maybe I need it for the website to send mail ?

webserver is only for website, mail is office365 so different IP

any advice would be great!

From PM with @conor3, the SPF record for his domain was not correct, containing a syntax error. Sending a test message using https://www.mail-tester.com was quickly able to show the problem.

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