Dns issue-Uptrends,com Report

My site www.bdgdesigngroup.com has an issue with dns error. It is not recognized by many servers all over the world. I got this report from uptrends,com. I have been search about it but I could not find it information how to fix it. Now, the real problem cause me that some of my adwords campaigns are not showing.
I will appreciate it for your help

I’ve tried about 20 public name servers from providers across the globe and there were no issues. :thinking:

Would you mind to post a screenshot from your DNS settings and maybe the Uptrends locations that have failed to resolve? You can blur out the IPs if you dont want them to be public.

Yes you are right but google uses a site uptrends.com and this is the tool as reference

This doesn’t appear to be a DNS issue that I can tell rather an issue with the origin. The sites which did succeed take 13+ seconds to load and the others failed to load. That it’s performance is so poor from so many geographies points to a problem with the origin server itself.

Could it be the concurrent checks put a load on the machine it cant handle?

Though http://sitemeer.com/#www.bdgdesigngroup.com/ looks fine.

Thanks, I have a question can you tell me why many geo locations are less than 13ms show on red. I have another site using the same at Cloudflare, worldpress, same plugins, same server and it does not show me any geo location fail. How can I find what is need to be fix?

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